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Dr. Sudesh Kumar Wadhawan

Former Director General - GSI

PDr. Sudesh Kumar Wadhawan - a former Director General, Geological Survey of India [GSI], is a Gold Medalist, M.Sc. Applied Geology scholar from Gwyer Hall, University of Delhi. After serving as a Lecturer for a year (1976-77) in the prestigious Delhi College of Engineering, presently a Delhi Technological University, Delhi, he joined GSI as a professional Geologist and served in various capacities for over 36 years with exceptional merit and commitment in different terrain conditions. Besides writing 40 Technical Reports in GSI, he has published over 60 scientific papers in peer-reviewed national and international Journals and co-authored four books and contributed Chapters to thematic Books by Springer Nature and Francis & Taylor Publishers.

Considered an authority of Thar Desert Geology, Dr. Wadhawan has carried our several environmental geological and geotechnical investigations in different river basins, coastal tracts, regional geoenvironmental development of districts and site-specific impact studies, including mining and urban centers. He has deliberated in and organized several national and international Geoscience Conferences, including UNESCO IGCP Projects on Dryland Environments and Quaternary Coastal Evolution and Coastal Records of Rapid Changes, etc.

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Climate change and environmental impact assessment for sustainable infrastructure - Keynote

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