EGCON 2022 Keynote Speaker Details


Mr. Parveen Mittar Nanda

Executive Vice President (Engineering & Projects) in Greenko Group

Parveen Mittar Nanda is Executive Vice President (Engineering & Projects) in Greenko Group. Presently working on Decarbonization and Net Zero C mission of Greenko Group. Parveen Mittar Nanda is Civil Engineer Graduate from NIT Allahabad with Post Graduation from NIT Kurukshetra India.

He has experience of around 35 years in Energy sector wherein specialised hydro power experience is 28 years and more than 7 years in hybrid renewable energy sector including Pumped storage projects.

Also has discrete distinction of equally working in Government and Private sector, i.e. almost 17 years each.

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Renewable Energy Integration Enhancement Using Renewable Energy Storage Technologies such as Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Project for ZeroC - Keynote

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