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Shyam Lal Kapil

President ISEG

Rapid depletion of fossil fuels together with associated adverse impacts on climate will result in large scale induction of renewable energy into the system in near future. There is an urgent need for the large renewable energy storage to ensure system. In this context accelerated development of pumped storage hydropower projects have gained prominence in India in recent past due to their potential for meeting peak load demand, stabilizing the grid, and providing ancillary services.

India has a huge Pumped Storage Hydropower potential of about 104 GW, out of which only 4.8 GW has been harnessed so far. Govt. of India has set an ambitious target of development of 18.8 GW Pumped Storage Projects by 2032 to meet out the renewable energy demand. For timely implementation of the pumped storage projects, extensive geological and geotechnical studies in DPR stage within scheduled time frame are pre requisites so as to avert geological uncertainties during construction/operation. Quantum of investigations to be performed for pumped storage hydropower projects keeping in view presence of two dams, deep seated caverns etc. also need to be firmed up.

Considering need of the hour, Indian Society of Engineering Geology (ISEG) – the only dedicated society towards development/growth of Engineering Geology and Allied Subjects in India, in association with NTPC is organizing a 2 days conference EGCON-2023, on the pertinent subject "Sustainable Development of Pumped Storage Hydro Power Projects– Geotechnical Challenges" at PMI, NTPC, Noida on 20-21 November, 2023 wherein various geological/geotechnical requirements and issues pertaining to pumped storage hydropower projects shall be discussed and pondered upon threadbare by the professionals, academicians and decision makers etc. with an aim to come out with a guideline/SOP which will definitely contribute towards accelerated development of pumped storage hydropower projects within schedule time without major geological uncertainties.

I take this opportunity to invite geologists, civil engineers, geophysicists, geotechnical engineers, mining engineers, academicians, instrumentation engineers, software developers, research scholars and other professionals to contribute technical papers and for attending conference.

Dr. Mridul Srivastava

Secretary ISEG

I feel honored and privileged in informing about the EGCON 2023, scheduled to be held during 20-21 November 2023 at Power Management Institute, NTPC, Noida. The EGCON 2023 is being organized by Indian society of Engineering Geology, the Indian National group of IAEG, in association with National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC). The EGCON 2023, the fifth in the EGCON Series is dedicated to Pump Storage Hydro Power Projects and related themes.

The Pump Storage Hydro Power Projects are the need of the Day as they provide large renewable energy storage with modest civil works and minimal disturbance to the environment. The identified potential of Pump Storage Projects in India is about 119 GW from 109 PSPs. Out of these, eight projects with 4.7 GW are under operation and four projects (2.8 GW) are under construction. It is aimed to commission 39 hydro PSPs with 47 GW capacity by 2030. The government of India has initiated several policy initiatives to speedup implementation of PSPs which are important for integrating intermittent renewable energy with power transmission grid.

Keeping in view, the importance of PSPs in the development of Nation, the ISEG is organizing EGCON 2023 to provide a vibrant platform for discussions and deliberations on sustainable development of Pump Storage Projects in India to achieve the goal of 50GW green energy through PSPs.

I cordially invite professionals, academicians, researchers and students from India associated with planning, investigation, designing, construction of Pump Storage Hydro Power Projects and related issues, to attend the conference in large numbers and contribute technical papers for making the event a grand success.


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