EGCON 2023 Keynote Speaker Details


Dr. Vineet K Gahalaut

Chief Scientist R&D Group

Dr Vineet K Gahalaut received M.Tech. and Ph.D. degrees from University of Roorkee (now IIT-Roorkee) in the year 1989 and 1995, respectively. He served as Lecturer at Department of Earthquake Engineering, IIT-Roorkee (1996-1998) and Scientist at Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi (1998-1999). Currently he is chief scientist at NGRI, Hyderabad. His research areas include Tectonic Geodesy and Seismology.

Himalaya, Kashmir and Ladakh region, Godavari failed rift region, and Koyna Warna region. He is a recipient of INSA Young Scientist award (1997), CSIR Young Scientist (2001), and MS Krishnan gold medal by IGU. He is fellow (FNA) of Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi and also fellow (FASc) of Indian Academy of Sciences, Beguluru.

Slow moving landslides of the Himalaya: constraints from GPS measurements - Keynote

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