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A formidable bridge among Geologists, Geophysicists, Engineers, and Geotechnical Engineers, the Indian Society of Engineering Geology (ISEG) was inaugurated on 15th October 1965 at Kolkata by the then Union Minister of Irrigation and Power Dr. K.L. Rao. Dr. D.N. Wadia, the doyen of Indian geology was its First President. The ISEG is the Indian National Group of the International Association of Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG). IAEG has more than 4400 members and 61 National groups across the world. Apart from the active patronage of the premier national geoscientific organisations – the Geological Survey of India, the ISEG (www.isegindia.org) represents almost all the leading organisations involved in infrastructural developmental projects in India like NHPC, NTPC, THDC, SJVN, NEEPCO, and Irrigation and Waterways Departments of various States. ISEG currently has a membership base of more than 1500 members and has provided a vibrant national knowledge platform for discussing and debating a host of geotechnical challenges and state-of-the-art technologies in the field of Engineering Geology and Geotechniques, and allied fields through its reputed regular publication in the form of Journal of Engineering Geology (www.joegindia.com), special publications and organising National and International Conferences/ workshops, Geo-orientation training programs regularly.

From President

Rapid depletion of fossil fuels together with associated adverse impacts on climate will result in large scale induction of renewable energy into the system in near future. There is an urgent need for the large renewable energy storage to ensure system. In this context accelerated development of pumped storage hydropower projects have gained prominence in India in recent past due to their potential for meeting peak load demand, stabilizing the grid, and providing ancillary services.

India has a huge Pumped Storage Hydropower potential of about 104 GW, out of which only 4.8 GW has been harnessed so far. Govt. of India has set an ambitious target of development of 18.8 GW Pumped Storage Projects by 2032 to meet out the renewable energy demand. For timely implementation of the pumped storage projects, extensive geological and geotechnical studies in DPR stage within scheduled time frame are pre requisites so as to avert geological uncertainties during construction/operation. Quantum of investigations to be performed for pumped storage hydropower projects keeping in view presence of two dams, deep seated caverns etc. also need to be firmed up

From Secretary

I feel honored and privileged in informing about the EGCON 2023, scheduled to be held during 20-21 November 2023 at Power Management Institute, NTPC, Noida. The EGCON 2023 is being organized by Indian society of Engineering Geology, the Indian National group of IAEG, in association with National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC). The EGCON 2023, the fifth in the EGCON Series is dedicated to Pump Storage Hydro Power Projects and related themes.

The Pump Storage Hydro Power Projects are the need of the Day as they provide large renewable energy storage with modest civil works and minimal disturbance to the environment. The identified potential of Pump Storage Projects in India is about 119 GW from 109 PSPs. Out of these, eight projects with 4.7 GW are under operation and four projects (2.8 GW) are under construction. It is aimed to commission 39 hydro PSPs with 47 GW capacity by 2030. The government of India has initiated several policy initiatives to speedup implementation of PSPs which are important for integrating intermittent renewable energy with power transmission grid.

Who Speaking?

Some of our esteemed speakers

Dr. Bineshian Hoss

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Gopal Dhawan

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Ranjan K. Dahal

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Sanjay Rana

Keynote Speaker

S C Mittal

Keynote Speaker

P M Nanda

Keynote Speaker

A Balan

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Saibal Ghosh

Keynote Speaker

Event Schedule

  • Time
  • 11:30AM - 11:50AM
    speaker-thumb-one Prof Arun Kumar
    Pumped Storage Hydro: Indian Perspective
  • 11:50AM – 12:10PM
    speaker-thumb-two Mr A Balan
    Mitigation Of Multihazards-Mass Wasting And Disaster
  • 12:10PM – 12:30PM
    speaker-thumb-three Mr P M Nanda
    Sustainable Development of Pumped Storage
  • 12:30PM – 12:50PM
    speaker-thumb-four Mr H L Arora
    Pump Storage Plants- Issues, Challenges and Way Forward
  • 14:00PM – 14:20PM
    speaker-thumb-five Dr Gopal Dhawan
    Pump Storage Projects: Geological Challenges
  • 14:20PM – 14:40PM
    speaker-thumb-six Dr Saibal Ghosh
    Landslide scenarios threats
  • Time
  • 9:30AM - 9:40AM
    speaker-thumb-one Sh. Sandeep Kumar Saini
    Geological Challenges and Stability Measures
  • 9:40AM – 9:50AM
    speaker-thumb-two Sh. Sajal Mittal
    Sustainable Development of Pumped Storage
  • 9:50AM – 10:00AM
    speaker-thumb-three Sh. Sourav Chakraborty & Sh. Sanghamitra Layek
    Major Challenges for Investigation
  • 10:00AM – 10:10AM
    speaker-thumb-four Ms Vibhu Kaushal and Sh Sanjib Kumar Bhakat
    Unveiling Geotechnical and Geological Challenges
  • 10:10AM – 10:20AM
    Jaydip Mukherjee
    Upper Indravati Pumped Storage Project
  • 10:20AM – 10:30AM
    speaker-thumb-six Sh. Debaprasad Sahoo,
    Geotechnical Appraisal of Mahanadi (Barmul)
  • Time
  • speaker-thumb-one Speaker
  • speaker-thumb-two Speaker
  • speaker-thumb-three Speaker
  • 2.00 PM
    speaker-thumb-four Speaker
    Auditorium D
  • speaker-thumb-five Speaker
  • 3.00 PM
    speaker-thumb-six Speaker
8 Speakers
200 + Seats
200 tickets
2 days event

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