EGCON 2023 Keynote Speaker Details


Mr. Parveen Mittar Nanda

Senior Vice-President, Greenko Group

Parveen Nanda has more than 33 years of experience in the power sector, with 28 years in hydropower and over five years in hybrid renewable energy. He is currently senior vice-president, Greenko Group. He joined the private power major in 2012.

At Greenko, Nanda is responsible for Project Management & Engineering of the group’s hydro projects. Prior to Greenko, Nanda worked with Himachal Sorang Power Private Limited, Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation Limited and the Directorate of Energy, Himachal Pradesh. He has significant expertise in areas such as project management, procurement, engineering, strategic planning, construction management and business development. He has worked on more than 20 hydro projects and an equal number of solar and wind projects, at various stages of implementation from concept to commissioning.

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Renewable Energy Integration Enhancement Using Renewable Energy Storage Technologies such as Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Project for ZeroC - Keynote

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